Visual Truck

Do you run trucks? Your drivers can collect the signatures electronically. For part pickups, send the P.O. to the plant so the order can be entered before the parts arrive at the plant.

Visual Truck runs on Windows tablets. It can work with or without a live internet connection. Use a 4G tablet, mount a mobile hotspot in the truck, or turn the phone into a hotspot to allow data transfer back to the plant. The signatures will upload upon returning to the plant if you do not have a mobile internet connection.


Visual Shop is written in Powerbuilder and uses Microsoft SQL Server to store data. Visual Shop is designed so that it can be customized to fit different buisnesses.


Visual Shop has tons of features to support the foundation of your buisness. Key Features Include: Quotations, Order Entry, Scheduling, Tracking, Certifications, Shipping, Invoicing, and Reporting.


Benefits to help your company include: reliability, incredeased efficencies, historical information, speed, quality, customer service.

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