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About Us

Our company was founded back in 1993 and our team has continuously been working with companies of all sizes to achieve their business objectives. We have a team of experienced developers always working to improve our products. Our support team is dedicated to help your employees be successful with everything we make. We build products that we're proud of, and we're passionate about our customers' successes.

Throughout the history of business, people use data to make more informed decisions. Our mission at CSI is to make a product that helps your company have control of all that data. Today we provide the most complete job shop solution and we keep improving our product everyday. We are here to help as many companies as possible to improve their business.

Meet The CSI Team

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  • Kevin Pludeman President

  • Curtis Ducommun Executive Vice President

  • Mattias Gyllborg Project Manager

  • Matt Hansen System Administrator

  • Erica Hernandez Director of Support

  • Eunice Hernandez Support Specialist

  • Ian Dierks Support Specialist

  • Viacheslav Poliukhovych Head of Programming